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Maisy is a UK voice over artist based in London. Her voice style is confident, versatile and warm.

She is highly directable and very experienced, with a client list that includes BBC, Channel 5, HSBC, Google, Scholl, Nestle, Loreal Paris, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Lush, Microsoft, Youtube Music, Apple Music, Subway and more.

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Chinese (Cantonese)



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Characters/ Animation:

English with a Chinese accent


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Characters/ Animation:

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Voice-over Credits Highlights




Torch (teenage years and when she was in her 70s) Stan Lee's Lucky Man Animated Comic
HSBC Character As an HSBC relationship manager
HSBC Narrator Video about prosperity
Bose Imitated Cantonese voice for Soundlink Bluetooth technology, voice imitation
LUSH Story teller The Tale of Bath poetic narration
Apple Narrator Music Channel
HSBC On camera presenter ''Digital Thursday'' corporate training video

Scholl Velvet smooth express Pedi

VO for TV commercial

Scholl Commercial

Scholl Velvet Smooth electronic nail care system

VO for TV commercial

Scholl Commercial

Ballie Gifford for Pacific Horizon Investment Trust

VO for promo film

Short introduction film

Lady Lever Art Gallery

VO for audio guide

Interactive exhibition


Characters VO for promo video

Short promo film


VO narrator

Interactive Online training


Lip Sync VO for Neema and Mae (characters)

Services promo animation

Youtube Music Premium VO for promotion Promo video
The Amazing World of Gumball Cartoon character VO for Penny (Gumball's girlfriend)

Cartoon Network

Dragon Air

VO announcement

American Airline VO announcement


British Airway VO announcement In-flight
Serco VO narrator Corporate training video
Glaxo Smithkline VO for promo Promo video (comsumer healthcare)
Bank of America VO for Interactive voice response BT conferencing
Coca Cola VO for promo Corporate promo video
Hodder Education Characters VO E-learning
HSBC VO narration Corporate training videos

Contact details:

Email: maisyluk@gmail.com
Mobile: 07944762012 (UK) OR +44 7944762012 (International)


Represented organisations and agents: